How to Add a Beautiful Introduction to Your GitHub Organization Page

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Just like you see here, adding a README page to a GitHub organization account is very simple. You can visit to see the final result.

In simple terms, it only requires a few steps:

  1. First, create a repository named .github under the organization account.
  2. Then, create .github/profile/ and fill in the introduction.
  3. Publish.

1. Create a .github repository

Create a .github repository

In fact, you can find the prompt to create a .github repository on the right side of the organization page. Of course, you can also manually create this repository, but please note:

  1. Do not fill in the repository name as .github.
  2. The repository needs to be public for public access.

2. Create the /profile/ file

github tips

Similarly, you can find relevant prompts on the right side of the organization page. Based on this, you can directly create the required file in the correct path. Of course, manual creation is also possible. Just make sure to create the file in the /profile/ directory of the repository.

create a profile readme file

I used Microsoft's AI Image Creator to generate an image based on the project introduction of torchtree as a prompt, making the project introduction look rich and colorful.

Microsoft AI Image Creator

After committing the changes, you will see a beautiful introduction on the homepage of your organization account. Give it a try!

This article was published on 2024-01-20 and last updated on 2024-01-20.

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