Fooocus: An AI Image Generation Tool that Makes Stable Diffusion as Easy as Midjourney

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Fooocus is an AI image generator based on Gradio. It inherits the offline, open source, and free features from Stable Diffusion, as well as the hands-off parameter tuning from Midjourney. It predefines a large number of parameters to optimize and enhance image quality, allowing high-quality images to be generated without complex technical parameters.

A cat generated by Foooucs

Meanwhile, Fooocus simplifies the installation process, limiting the number of mouse clicks required from "download" to generating the first image to strictly within 3 clicks. The minimum GPU requirement is only 4GB (Nvidia).

Main Features of Fooocus

Quick Experience on Google Colab

Create a new notebook on Google Colaboratory (or make a copy from our shared notebook Foocus.ipynb), and paste the following code:

!pip install pygit2==1.12.2
%cd /content
!git clone
%cd /content/Fooocus
!python --share

Change the runtime type and switch the hardware accelerator to T4 GPU.

Modify colab when running

It takes some time to execute the code and download the required models to the runtime.

Execute code block in colab

Please note that you need to observe the execution status of the code. Fooocus installation and initialization will start the WebUI interface, and the code block will always be in a running state (because if the program stops, it cannot be accessed).

When you see URL information similar to the following at the end of the output result, it means that Fooocus has started and can be accessed:

App started successful.Use the app with or or

Enter "An elegant kitten" in the prompt, and you will quickly generate two high-quality images.

WebUI interface of Fooocus

The first cat generated by Fooocus

The second cat generated by Fooocus

Check "Advanced" to adjust various details.

Advanced options of Fooocus

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